An incredible match was played at the MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) between FC Barcelona and WOSPAC’s International Academy based in Barcelona. The international players from the residential educational sports program at WOSPAC managed to draw against the all-powerful Football Club Barcelona in one of the most exciting games of the whole tournament.

The WOSPAC team got ahead in the first few minutes of the game, however, in the final minutes of the game the players of the FC Barcelona were able to pull off a draw on the only clear occasion they had had, a freekick. The game began dominated by the football players of the WOSPAC International Academy, preventing the FC Barcelona team from playing its combination game; Tiki – Taka. This dominance on the part of WOSPAC was reflected by a couple of very clear chances on goal that were saved by the goalkeeper of the Catalan team. The third time was the charm for the WOSPAC players, and after a quick combination, the academy was able to bury the ball in the back of the net. At that time FC Barcelona players began to take control of the game by putting pressure on WOSPAC and getting close to WOSPAC’s box. After several attempts, FC Barcelona had their clearest chance yet from a dead ball and were able to convert it into a goal. The game ended in a draw and without any further danger before it finished.

The Elite WOSPAC program selected its highest-level players to play against the FC Barcelona international and allowing the players of the residential soccer program to live an amazing experience for the rest of their lives. Some players interviewed at the end of the game recognized that it was a dream come true to be able to confront football players of such high-level that in a short time will be professional players at Football Club Barcelona.

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