World Sport Academy (WOSPAC) is an international Elite Soccer academy that is located in the city of Barcelona and is designed to help you to improve as a soccer player, as a student and as a person. WOSPAC has programs for a full year, seasonal, for half-season, and for trial stays. Players who join the WOSPAC Elite program are players of all ages and all sporting levels, we can do this because within WOSPAC we adapt our sessions to the player’s sports level, helping them to improve in the morning training with WOSPAC and in the afternoon training in local high-level clubs such as the EU Cornellá in Barcelona.

Players who join WOSPAC do so for several reasons, many do so for the purpose of becoming professionals in the world of football, others because they want to improve athletically to get better scholarships in universities of United States and others because they want to have an international education, learn a new language and make friends from all over the world. At WOSPAC we offer all the tools that we have at our disposal to be able to offer to our players sports and educational quality stays in a friendly and serious environment where, in a natural way, our athletes grow.

Our great last experience was that the players of the International Academy played the game of their lives against FC Barcelona. The game was so exciting that it ended up being a well-deserved draw. The players of the residential program of WOSPAC put up a fight against FC Barcelona and managed to achieve an unforgettable result against some Barça players that soon will surely have a professional contract in the world of football.

The ideal plan to take part in the WOSPAC residency programs, where players live or stay at the WOSPAC Barcelona Residence, is to perform a 2-week pre-test to assess the quality of WOSPAC services and then sign up to our Annual program. The annual program makes players better in a natural way and ensures players improve athletically. The annual programs are perfect for players who want to get a professional contract in their countries, get better college scholarships, learn languages, make international friends and live an unforgettable experience.


For more information contact Alex Bosacoma, CEO of WOSPAC, by email ( or by using WhatsApp at +34 639 521 335. WOSPAC wants to help you, click here for more information.

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