How to register and become part of WOSPAC?

As one of the best sports academies we are aware of the importance of fitness and academic, athletic and social attitude, and these are the keys to success for every athlete. WOSPAC has hosted athletes from more than 50 different nationalities and have been part of WOSPAC Stages programs in Barcelona, but for a successful integration and coexistence, you must meet certain requirements: integrity, education, passion, commitment and self-discipline.


During each season tuition we grant a limited number of players in each sport, so all interested athletes we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to make a decision. Do not think more, please leave your details and we can get in touch with you to begin the process.


To know us better, we want you to know firsthand our facilities, where they discover the residence, gym and water area and the stadiums or sports halls to practice each discipline. Nothing better than to try for a week, without obligation, to make your final decision. Likewise, we also want to know a little more, why we arrange an interview with the head of each sport to know your opinion and solve all your possible questions.


WOSPAC Stages offers a unique experience and you will remember forever! There is nothing better to grow as an athlete chasing a dream, and at the same time discover the values, opportunities and links of friendship that can getting through sport. It’s your time. Train yourself, compete and enjoy the football, basketball and handball as if you were all a professional.