Host families are the ideal way for an athlete to quickly integrate with the socio-cultural rhythm and style of life in Barcelona and also come to master the language.

WOSPAC STAGES has carefully selected each of the families to ensure a stable, welcoming and safe environment for young athletes. Your safety and well-being during your stay in Barcelona is our top priority.

To do this, all host families share a number of characteristics that qualify them to accommodate our players:


All families are located very close to the sports facilities where the players train and are well connected to public transport.


All families have a long experience in welcoming and living with students from around the world.


The language used between the athlete and the family will be Spanish and it will motivate and encourage the athlete to practice it and learn.


All host families sign a contract in which the services required by the athlete are specified, and WOSPAC STAGES shall be liable for and will ensure that it complies with the contract at all times.

  • Choice of single or shared room.
  • Most have private bathrooms.
  • Families will adapt to the specific food diets of the athletes.
  • Wash, change of sheets and towels once a week.
  • WIFI access.


The athlete, whether over 18 years of age or younger, must follow and accept the coexistence rules jointly established between WOSPAC STAGES and the host family.


WOSPAC STAGES will be in permanent contact with the host family so as to be sure of the player’s wellbeing within the family environment at all times.

If an athlete is not satisfied with the treatment they receive by the host family, the established agreement will be reviewed and if it has not been sufficiently adhered to there will be the option of changing the host family.

If there is any damage to any property caused by the athlete, the athlete will be responsible for the cost of the repair.