Incredible match played at the MIC – FC Barcelona and WOSPAC

An incredible match was played at the MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) between FC Barcelona and WOSPAC’s International Academy based in Barcelona. The international players from the residential educational sports program at WOSPAC managed to draw against the all-powerful Football Club Barcelona in one of the most exciting games of the whole tournament. The WOSPAC team…

Award to a great season

The season of our Basketball “linked” team, CB Almeda, has been full of success in both male and female category. The Club is included in the best three Spanish Basket formation clubs thanks to the qualification of its Junior, U14 and U16 teams in the Spanish championships (just seven team in Spain have achieved so) besides of winning leagues in Catalunya.

Goodbye Makio

Makio Yamamoto, American player of the annual program of SOCCER Stages the last 2 years and a half, bid farewell today to the family of WOSPAC, to undertake a new football and academic adventure in the United States.

Adam Kovarskas stay

Adam Kovarskas, ended his stay of 2 weeks in the SOCCER Stages programwhere he arrived with a clear objective, “to become a professional footballer” and at the same time “be a better player and gain experience as a player” and relied on WOSPAC because it was the place that offered him all this.

Season farewell

The season for the players of the annual program of SOCCER Stages by WOSPAC, is already coming to the end and the players begin to return to their countries to enjoy their holidays and return with renewed energies in in aim to start in the best condition the next season.

Meet Samir Musaev

As we have been doing the last few weeks, today we introduce you another of the players who are part of the 10 months program SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC. The guy that we present today, is called Samir Musaev a powerful centre-back who can play as well as right-back that comes from Azerbaijan and is currently playing his second season at WOSPAC.