To the final!!

Last weekend WOSPAC U-19 team, played to reach the last stages of the Copa Barcelona, playing against La Farga, with the clear goal to assert their status as best team, as reflected in the classification of the regular League.

Adrian, swiss precision

As we have been doing the last few weeks, today we introduce you another of the players who are part of the 10 months program SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC. The guy that we present today, is called Adrian Ringele and is a powerful centre-forward who comes from Switzerland and currently playing its second season at WOSPAC.

CBA will fight for the medals


At the beginning of the week, we left you with our girls from Basket Almeda, basketball “linked” club to WOSPAC, with 1-0 in her group at the Endesa U-16 championship. So, they made it to the final round and her growing has been meteoric.

Adam debuts

Adam Kovarskas, the Lithuanian player who is making a stay of 2 weeks in the SOCCER Stages program of WOSPAC, debuted this weekend with the U-19 Team, participating in the clear victory that classified our guys to the semifinals of the Copa Barcelona.

To semifinals

A new victory, and it’s the seventh in a row, and the WOSPAC team reaches the semifinals of the Copa Barcelona full of moral and playing a beautiful, and effective football.

Mexican personality

Today it’s time to meet Juan Pablo Ortega, a Mexican player of the SOCCER Stages program of WOSPAC. Juan Pablo, is a 16 years old left back who is currently playing his second season in WOSPAC, where he came to fulfill a dream that had since he was child, play soccer in Spain.

Makio, american quality

Today is the turn to introduce you Makio Yamamoto, an American born player with Japanese roots, that prefers Soccer to FootballMakio, has 17 years and is in his second season in WOSPAC, where he arrived in search of a dream, playing soccer in Europe. 

Kenni’s final game

Last gameweek of the season for Sant Gabriel “B” Women’s Team, with a new victory with a goal by our player of SOCCER StagesKenni Thompson, to close a very good season both personally and collectively.

Last training sessions

The end of the season is approaching for the members of SOCCER Stages, and we are in the last workouts for players, until it closes the season and return to their countries to spend the summer.

Six in a row

Before the weekend, we talked about the game that our U-19 Team was going to face, in which they closed the regular season, and they did it in the best possible way, with a resounding victory.

One day at the beach

The end of the season is coming up and the good whether shows up in Barcelona. Spring is already here and the Sun shines so brightly in the blue sky. The wonderful whether of Barcelona allows to enjoy several leisure activities and opportunities across the city.