Welcome to WOSPAC

WOSPAC is a sports training entity that operates in 5 continents in order to help you grow in the fields of education, sports and personnel. We like to make our international sports academy in Barcelona a place to spend the best experience of your life while you complete your education and you form as an athlete.

The WOSPAC sports academy is innovative in its methods of training and development, the technical improvement of our athletes is evident in each of the steps taken outside our academy to become professionals in the world of sports.

More than 10 years of experience and more than 10,000 trained athletes, WOSPAC wants to become a benchmark in international sports, educational and personal training.

The experience

The experience in WOSPAC goes beyond life in an international sports academy. Your training as a person and as an athlete are at the same level for us.

We care as much about improving your technical level as a footballer as about your academic and personal education. To be a good athlete you have to grow as a person.

The values of Barcelona football and the rest of Catalan sports are world-renowned.

Our values


Respect is an important point in our training program. We must instill in our athletes respect for the sport they practice, respect for your teammates and their rivals.

We never get to be respected by others if we do not start with the humility of respecting others.


Being competitive is the way to get to the top of the sport. Our rivals strive every day to be the best, so we instill in the students of WOSPAC the value of the effort in their training, in training, and in their life, to achieve all the objectives that are proposed.


The good ties among the partners are key to the evolution of the team and personnel in life and in sports. In our sports academy we focus on enhancing this aspect so that they know how to work as a team and progress.


The objective of our coaches and directors is to achieve the maximum quality in academic sports training.

Through sport we will reach the best personal training of our students looking for both academic and personal objectives.

How we work

In our sports academy we have a very clear method to reach excellence in studies and sports.

Each athlete is treated in a personalized way within their group, the values of companionship and team feeling are transferred from the football field to the classrooms.

Gradual learning

Find a quality teaching , which serves outside the football fields, WOSPAC sets a teaching guide adapted to child development. Each age and each child is different.

International schools

The athletes from the WOSPAC sports academy complete their studies at the best international schools in the area. Not only do they learn the corresponding curriculum for their age, but they also learn languages that will be very useful for their future.

Analytical method

We analyze each athlete in a personalized way through videos to improve their personal technique , but we also analyze the application of the individual technique of the player applied to the results of the team. The individualities must be useful to the whole team.

Technology applied to sports

There is no way to escape from technology and its advances, so in WOSPAC we want to make the most of them to help improve the technique of our athletes.

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Our athletes have achieved their academic and sports goals and we can not do that alone. Our sponsors and collaborators are key in the success and excellence in the training of our students.

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