WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC) has developed WOSPAC-Korea SOCCER Camps, a unique opportunity for football players and coaches around the world where they can participate with spectacular campuses in the Korea with a unique methodology that transmits the philosophy of Catalan football.

WOSPAC-Korea SOCCER Camps exports exclusively the model of player’s formations of the best teams from Barcelona. Through this model, has been managed to obtain one of the best soccer players and coaches around the world.

During the camps, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice all the technical and tactical concepts that are based in the working methods of the most important clubs from Barcelona, under the guidance of coaches with contrasted experience.


Welcome – Farewell Package

The camps attendees receive a welcome pack that consists of sports equipment for the camps and information around the planning of the camp. At the end of the campus, the participant will receive a diploma certifying and assessing their participation.

Camp Program

Camp programming will be based on the needs of the organizer. The WOSPAC-Korea SOCCER Camps team will advise on everything you need to make the camp educational, fun and efficiently organized. All camps will be theoretical and practical, so that both players and coaches understand the footballing methodologies that are used.

Program Coaches Master Class

The added value of the WOSPAC-Korea SOCCER Camps is the development that the coaches also experience. Coaches will participate in the delivery and active understanding of the training sessions so that in the future the can apply the footballing methodologies carried out in Catalan football. These development opportunities will be conducted in conjunction with the camps, giving coaches the theoretical support they need to then put into practice in training sessions what they have learnt.

Program Coaches Conference

WOSPAC-Korea SOCCER Camps will also provide lectures to other coaches who are not doing the “Program Coaches Master Class” where it will promote the organizer of the camp as a reference point for sports in the local area, and also discuss the footballing methodologies of Catalan and Barcelona teams. These footballing models are providing Spanish and international football with a great number of players and coaches, and the conference attendees will understand why.