Management – Registration for Studies: Depending on the age and country of origin of the player, registration of the minor may be necessary in an educational centre in order to obtain the student visa and/or residence permit

  • Players under 16 years, the Spanish laws require schooling-face mode. This means that regardless of the country of origin, the athletes are required to enrol in school in order to get a student visa (primary or secondary education).
  • Players over 16, who have a valid passport from outside the European Union, must choose to enrol in school (High School, Middle Grade or College) or enrol in language courses in order to get a student visa.
  • Players who do not have the above requirements are not required to enrol in any regulated studies in Spain to get the card, but SOCCER Stages encouraged to continue their educational career.
  • The educational offer of WOSPAC Stages is as follows:
    • ISB International Private School
    • Pupils can take Primary and Secondary education, A levels, University online, Sports education medium and high level sports courses, and Language courses…
    • Classes from Monday







WOSPAC Stages will take the necessary steps for approval of the studies from the country of origin. (*The cost of school material, school uniform, external exams and additional services are not included and must be paid it directly to the private school or language school.)