In the picture you can see the professional opportunities of players that have formed in the lower echelons of the UE Cornellà, nurturing more than 20 professional clubs.

WOSPAC have contracts with several teams in the Catalan capital at different levels. It is also worth noting the contract it has with the EU Cornellà team that has a contract with FC Barcelona to send you the best footballers in priority.

Currently, the green body is one of the clubs with more world reference in training players. Professionals like Jordi Alba, Victor Ruiz, Ilie Sanchez, Hugo Fernandez, Ignasi Miquel or Keita Balde, among others, passed the soccer UE Cornellà training.

Furthermore, the fact that the EU teams Cornellà are positioned in the main divisions of each category of Catalan football allows SOCCER Stages give the possibility to young people to raise their fitness level enjoying one of the toughest leagues and competitive of the world.

WOSPAC Stages also has the support of other clubs such as CB Blanca Subur, Sitges EU, UD Unification Bellvitge, Sant Joan Despi, among others ..


The Basketball club Almeda is one of the states with the greatest state reference in training players and basketball players. Some players, and some of them have already played in both states and international competitions, representing the national teams of Catalonia and Spain.


The CH Gava is one of the states with the greatest state reference in training players and handball players. Several players played national and district teams to compete in statewide competitions.