WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC) offers an exciting opportunity to a select number of Clubs in the Korea by introducing them to the working methodologies of the leading youth Clubs in Barcelona, such as UECornellà, the FCBarcelona and RCDEspanyol. American Clubs that choose to take part on these trainings will gain international exposure for all their athletes and coaches, and will have access to the working techniques of the Barcelona teams. WOSPAC through its partnerships with teams and federations in Barcelona, helps American players and clubs, giving them exposure in the city of Barcelona.


WOSPAC TOP (Talent Opportunity Program) during 1 week with economic benefits for the Club. WOSPAC will send a licensed coach to the Club to run a TOP where 60 club players chosen, will partake. 1 player will be selected to perform a free 2-week stay in WOSPAC Programs at the Academy of Barcelona (valued of more than $2,600).

– For every 100 players who make the stay of 2 weeks in Barcelona, WOSPAC grants a 100% Scholarship for the ANNUAL program per season at the WOSPAC Sports Boarding School in Barcelona (valued at more than $43,000).

– Moreover, WOSPAC will conduct 6 Exclusive TOP for 60 female players each of all the CLUBs affiliated to WOSPAC. The first 60 female players to register via WOSPAC’s website could participate in each Exclusive TOP.

– 18 Female players will be selected from all Exclusive TOPs to participate in the WOSPAC SELECT for 2 weeks in Barcelona for free (valued of more than $32,000).

– 2 Coaches of the CLUB will have the possibility to attend a stage of 1 week in Barcelona for free to receive a free theory-practice training on the working methodology of the Clubs in Barcelona and Spain (valued of more than $2,600).

– Exclusive link between the Club and WOSPAC Sports Boarding School in Barcelona.

– The Club has priority on WOSPAC training trips, tournaments and individual stays.

– Exposure for players and coaches to top level professional teams in Spain and Barcelona.

– More extra profit for the CLUB from the sports stays in Barcelona: If annual turnover > $80,000 à Extra profit = 5% Annual Turnover

– And WOSPAC will held raffles among all persons registered in the FAN CLUB, with the aim of promoting worldwide stays for players, teams and coaches in Barcelona:

  • FREE STAY FOR A SINGLE PLAYER: Grants 1 SCHOLARSHIP to the ANNUAL program per season, worth almost $43,000 per 6.000 new registered soccer players (aged between 8 and 16 years).
  • FREE STAY FOR A TEAM (18 people): Grants 1 SCHOLARSHIP to a team per season, valued at more than $16,000, between all registered soccer players (aged between 8 and 16 years) and coaches. The lucky player or coach may come to Barcelona with his team to enjoy 1 week of trainings and matches.