Instinct, patience, concentration and confidence are some of the characteristics necessary to Stand out as a striker. Instinct The real scorer must be on the lookout and always close to the box throughout the game. For him, the only thing that exists is the goal and he lives obsessed with scoring the goal.

Villarreal cf vs WOSPAC

Concentration The area forward never gives up a ball for loss. If the ball goes to the defender or goalkeeper, he must be aware of the error to capitalize on it. So the 90 minutes.

Patience There are strikers who get desperate when they don’t receive the ball and, therefore, go back to look for it. To the doing so, they move away from the area, which is where they score the vast majority of their goals. The born goalscorer has the patience to wait 89 minutes, if necessary, in order for the chance.

Confidence Even on the worst teams, a striker will almost always have at least one scoring opportunity. Punch There are different techniques to finish. Forwards who choose to shoot with power have their own technique: throw the body forward, with the foot of firm support and bringing the heel of the other foot as far back as possible with the knee bent, to give the shot more travel and greater force. Is he instep the one that hits the ball.

Header Indispensable tool of the area attacker. In addition to knowing how to comb the ball or give it a touch, the key for the striker will be to gain position from his marker while the ball is in the air.

Calm There is always more time available in the area than the football forward thinks, but the Desperation to score leads many strikers to rush their shot. That is why it is essential take an extra split second to decide on the definition.

Aim The scorers do not take the goalkeeper as a point of reference when shooting, because they made the goalkeeper the auction would go. The ideal is to aim for the space between the goalkeeper’s leg and the post, either in the first or second post.

The closer they get to the area, the more marked the scorers are. That is why unchecking is fundamental. It consists of threatening to go to one position to go to another. For example, do the moving back to look for the pass to immediately dive towards the area.