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WOSPAC keeps growing up. The aim always has been achieve the next level of football and nowadays we are closer to get it. The prove is the last July. Our Academy had the pleasure to receive two new members during some special days, the Wospac PRO Summer camp.

Abdullah Alkhatib and Ibrahim Alkhatib, two Jordanians boys of 14 years old enjoyed 10 days in our Academy in Barcelona. The youth made different football sessions at the same time they enjoyed of many activities.

Through the PRO Summer Program, the two guys spent a week and a half in our residence living the football in Barcelona. The shared great moments with our coaches and players at the same time they learnt new techniques of football.

Even they are family, they both play in completely different positions inside the field. Abdullah is a goalkeeper and thanks the different services the program has, he could work specifics exercises that will allow him to develop in the proper way.

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The goalkeeper’s job in a team is esencial. That’s why WOSPAC works every single situation in such an important position in the field. Abdullah combined team trainings with goalkeeper specific trainings to be able to improve his qualities in the field.

Ibrahim is a winger but he can play other positions in the field. His passion is to have the ball in his feet and, then, be able to face the opponents and dribble the rival defenders.

He was training with local players who are in the academy but he made too, as Abdullah, individual exercises that helped him to develop his qualities.

Like we do always in our short stages, the guys visited the most emblematic places of the city of Barcelona. The visited places such as Plaza Espa√Īa, Sagrada Familia and Ramblas. They enjoyed the whole morning in Barcelona and, at afternoon, come back to the trainings.

Through language classes, they had the chance to learn Spanish to be able to connect with the rest of the guys in the country. Making some sessions the could improve and enjoy the great variety the Spanish language has.

During their stage, the two youth could watch the match between Spain and Italy in the Semifinals of the Euro-Cup. As two fans, they lived intensely the exciting match that finally Italy won.


The WOSPAC Pro summer camp program, as the rest of WOSPAC programs, has many different activities that allow the guys to enjoy while learning.

The academy believe that the values are very important in the football world. The partnership and the teamwork are some of the many values we consider essentials for the youth players developing.

From WOSPAC we emphasize the need of creating a vincle to be able to improve as a group. Even Abdullah and Ibrahim were only 10 days in our academy, they showed us they are sharing those values and, during their stage, they showed great professionalism.

They both showed a huge illusion to come back soon and, from our side, ¬° we wait them with the arms open!

Ibrahim , Abdullah… ¬°See you soon!