Argentina first big surprise at Qatar World Cup 2022. It came on the third day of matches. It didn’t take long for the first big surprise of this World Cup to arrive. One of the favourites, Argentina, lost in their opening match against Saudi Arabia (1-2), the team with the second worst coefficient among the 32 teams competing in this World Cup, only surpassed by Ghana.

But the truth is that this coefficient is just a number that has not been proven on the pitch. The all-powerful Argentina, with Messi at the helm, were no match for a Saudi Arabia, who played a great game in their first appearance at this World Cup. World Cup.

Without a doubt, a result that practically nobody was counting on and even more so considering that, a priori Argentina should finish top of their group ahead of their three rivals: Mexico, Poland and Arabia.

But in football, nothing is set in stone and there can always be surprises. Argentina, third in the FIFA coefficient, can’t afford any more slip-ups if they don’t want to jeopardise their participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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