It is no coincidence when a footballer trained at WOSPAC triumphs on the national and international football scene. One more proof of this is the football player Yousef Aljamal.

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The player comes from the Champions Global training center in Gaza (Palestine), with all the desire and enthusiasm to reach his best sporting level and be able to knock on the doors of professional soccer. Once here, Yousef has worked in the best conditions and with the best professionals to fulfil his dreams.

Now, the young player is playing the Asian Cup Qualifiers U-17 defending the jersey of the Palestinian national team, competing against great teams such as Australia, China, United Arab Emirates and Japan, among many others.

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At WOSPAC we are very proud to have a player like Youseff and see all of his achivements thanks to hard work, commitment and dedication.

Thanks Yousef for letting us be part of your dream!