We are the BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY of reference in Barcelona. WOSPAC started in 2010 to offer to soccer players around the world the opportunity to play soccer with local teams of Barcelona. During this time we have help more than 500 soccer players in our season programs. We were the first Soccer Academy in Barcelona to offer players from the 5 continents to play in teams of Barcelona, and then other Academies follow us. We are not a Marketing company; we are a soccer company that has contacts at all soccer levels in Barcelona. If you want to start, improve or become a pro soccer player…WOSPAC is your soccer Academy.

WOSPAC provide a full boarding soccer program in Barcelona in an exclusive residence for players between 10 and 24 years old. We are located in CornellĂ  de Llobregat very close to the Barcelona airport (10 minutes driving) in a sport, health and safe area. Around us there is RCDEspanyol of Barcelona stadium, a big Moll with shops, restaurants and cinema, and a metro station to reach the center of Barcelona in 10 minutes.

Barcelona Soccer Residence

The life in the Barcelona Soccer Residence is full of activities during the week for players. During the week, players a part of study in the international school or in the boarding school, they train around 15 times, combining training in the field (personal PRO trainings, group trainings, and trainings with local team), in the gym, in the pool, in theoretical classes, etc. During the weekend, players enjoy playing soccer with local clubs, visit the city, and play with other players in the residence, study, and rest. The life in the Soccer Academy is very familiar and easy. 

WOSPAC provide in the Boarding Soccer Academy Barcelona 24 hours of supervision. Our staff is the best of our program and we will take care of your son like were our son. It is not easy for a family to send his son so far from home but trust us, we will take care of your son, we will help him to grow as a person and we will guide him to have a good integration in another country, culture and language.

Regarding the school education in the Soccer Academy WOSPAC provide different options depending the age of the players, and the school system they want to follow. We work with a local international school that provide education in American or British System. This school is good because allow our players to train 3 mornings during the week, study in an English language and make new friends at the school. Another educational option would be follow the online system your son is following in US. This is a more flexible system that will help your son to train more times per week and continue with his education. A part of that we offer language courses, UEFA soccer courses to become a soccer coach, and university education (we help you to find the degree or university education that you want to do in Barcelona). 

In our Boarding Soccer Academy in Spain we offer different programs depending the goals and the economy of the families of the Players. WOSPAC offer 10 different season programs but we are open to provide you the program that you need. We provide short stays from 1 week to 3 months to try our programs, but you can come to visit us and try us for free when you want. WOSPAC is not a marketing company, WOSPAC is a company that will provide you everything to help your son to become a better soccer player, and the tools and our knowledge to grow as soccer player.

Soccer Academy working with local teams

WOSPAC is a Barcelona Soccer Academy that works with local Barcelona clubs to provide you the best soccer program in Barcelona and Spain. We were the first in Spain to provide players the option to play in local Barcelona Academies, and we are the only one that has exclusive agreements with TOP Academies in Spain like the agreement that has WOSPAC with UECornellà of Barcelona.  UECornellà is a professional club that every year from his youth teams, more than 20 players per season sign professional contracts with clubs from Spain and Europe.  UECornellà had players like Jordi Alba, the left defender of FCBarcelona and Spanish National Team, between a lot of more playing in US, England, North of Europe, and so on. We are the best one Soccer Academy in Spain and in Barcelona, we offer a real opportunities to our soccer Barcelona players, we are not marketing, trust us and help you son to get all his soccer potential. 

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