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The prestigious sports newspaper Record has published an interesting article about the Ukrainian player Davyd Medvedchuk including statements about how he is living the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Medvedchuck, currently playing for Alta Lisbon, developed as a player at WOSPAC Sports Academy, where he completed the annual International Boarding program for two seasons (2013-2014 and 2014 and 2015). During those years he stood out as Cadet and Youth of UE Cornellà (Unió Esportiva Cornellà) prestigious club in the city of Barcelona and collaborator of WOSPAC.

The young 21 year old player is in the Portuguese country with the best players. However, the latest events in his country worries him. David Medvedchuck has been in Portugal since 2017 where he is fighting for the dream of becoming a professional player, but now, and given the situation in his country, he finds it hard to concentrate on the pitch.

“I have commitments, I’m clear about that, but now it’s difficult to be 100% focused. I keep seeing the news and I’m very worried, scared and waiting for the attacks to stop. In the last few days I have had problems contacting my family, I am having a very hard time. My country is facing a disturbed person who is not afraid of anything. I want to focus on my career, but at the same time I have a responsibility to keep an eye on what is happening. So, if my country needs me, I will be ready to help Ukraine in any way,” he said.

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Davyd Medvedchuck was born in 2000 and plays as a striker. He usually plays in the center, although he also performs well playing on the right wing. As we pointed out, he arrived in Portugal in 2017 and since then he has played for Oriental, Cova Piedade and Barreirense before joining his current club, Alta de Lisboa, a club from the Portuguese capital founded in 2015.


From WOSPAC we wish you all the luck in your professional career and hope the Ukraine situation is resolved as soon as possible. A big hug champion!