WOSPAC finds essential having fun as a family and enjoying playing what we like the most, football. But there are more things in life than our favorite sport and that is why, during the last holiday, some of us enjoyed some of the most emblematic and solemn points of Barcelona.

Companionship and teamwork are fundamental in the sport. WOSPAC has always emphasised the need for great teammates. In the academy, we try to be a family and share moments together that we can enjoy and allows us to be one . 

The day started with Matvey, Riley, Andrew, Jason, Joan, Blayz, Mustafa and Toni. We left at 10am towards downtown Barcelona. Once in Plaza Cataluña, one of the most central and well-known places in Barcelona, we went for a walk through the nearby streets in order to enjoy and learn more about the place.

A good example was being able to see the city walls. Even today some pieces of one of the most important fortresses that Barcelona had for centuries are preserved. Built during the 13th and 14th centuries, they are constructions that have left traces in the urban fabric of the ciutat vella neighborhood and of which archaeological remains of great historical value have been found at different points.

The importance of history and knowledge is fundamental. It was received with great amazement by our boys who enjoyed seeing them and learning more about them. Once the history class was done, we went to the Barcelona Wax Museum.

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This type of place usually contains very mysterious auras, dozens of films have been shot inside and those who have watched them often feel fear. But that is not the reality of the place. This type of museum brings the boys closer to practically identical representations of our idols and, there, the boys were able to “see” someone like Leo Messi.

The wax figures weren’t the only attraction of the place. Something that impressed us all was the fun and impressive elevator that simulates shooting out of the building and shows us the entire city below, something very surprising.

After this cultural visit, the fun walk through the streets and alleys of Barcelona continued. After walking for a while we arrived at Maremagnum, another of the mythical places of Barcelona. Among seagulls, small boats, and the smell of the sea, the boys enjoyed.

But it was time to eat and it was time to decide where. We decided through a vote amongst the members of the group and, even they had a great variety of choices, they did not forget the importance of feeding.

Among the different options they had, a famous healthy food chain was chosen to regain strength. As good athletes they knew how to choose what they needed at that time, good quality carbohydrates, salads, and fruits to be able to continue with an intense day of tourism and learning.

But with the lunch did not end the day. Once the tanks were full again, it was time to continue getting to know the city. Barcelona has thousands of emblematic and beautiful places where you can get lost for hours, such as Poblenou where our boys continued their journey.

Among those streets, the boys took photos and videos to be able to immortalize the present moment. Some of the streets present magical places and being able to enjoy them with good company becomes an unforgettable experience. 

The walk continued with a climb up the Ramblas, the mythical place in Barcelona where so many people have walked, enjoying its historic buildings on one side. The Liceu is one of the many examples of what we can enjoy in the mythical Barcelona street that has written so many pages in newspapers around the world.

At the end of our visit, we returned to Plaza Catalunya where we enjoyed, as always, juggling and having fun with a ball. From there, we resumed our trip back to the academy after having lived a beautiful day in the streets of Barcelona.

These types of activities, in addition to being cultural and fun, promote the union of the group and the connection between the members. This is something fundamental in life and in the world of football. A united and well-understood team will be a squad that will connect smoothly and develop their game in an easy and fun way.

For this reason, at WOSPAC, these types of activities are promoted to help members create links that will be necessary for life and, especially, in sports.