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We want to congratulate our dear Era for being part of the UEFA – Women’s UNDER 17 Championship as a midfielder of Albania U17.

Era was born in Albania on September 17, 2006 and we had the pleasure to share training and experiences with her during her stay in our residence for athletes under the WOSPAC Soccer Stages program. We also enjoyed her soccer and the ERA F.C team in their participation in the Barcelona Women’s Cup, tournament of which WOSPAC was the organizer and sponsor.

Equipo FSHF Federación Albanesa

Women’s soccer nowadays is gaining in professionalism year after year worldwide. The high quality of the players, more and more prepared and with more and more opportunities, means that the media importance is also increasing.

The United States and Canada account for almost half of the registered players in the world, but Spain already has some of the best women’s teams in the world.

Spanish soccer and its methodology is applied to both men’s and women’s soccer, and hence the quality is seen equally in one gender as in the other.

WOSPAC makes every effort to continue being the best high performance Academy in which to develop the sports career of its participants without neglecting the academic and personal training.

As part of the grain of sand that WOSPAC contributed to Era’s evolution towards professional soccer, we wish her all the possible success, both sporting and personal.

Since she was a little girl when she was in our academy, she knew that she would have to combine sports with her studies…

I would like the opportunity to play collegiate or pro soccer. I have been on the field since I was seven and have been working very hard to achieve my goals since then. My positive attitude, vision, work ethic, and technical skills are what make me such a big asset to any team. I love the sport because it is challenging and awesome to be apart of a great group of girls and team. I am very determined to keep good grades and have been doing throughout middle school. I enjoy playing and hope to continue at a higher level in the future.

…we wish you lots of success! In Barcelona you have your WOSPAC family, see you soon!