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The importance of technique in the world of football has become especially relevant in recent years. Those players who simply had the gift of playing with a ball are now gone, and what we have left is the new premises of modern football.

One of these premises is technification. Thanks to WOSPAC we now know about the great importance that technification has acquired in modern football. For this exact reason, starting October 24, the academy will hold technification sessions. These will be aimed towards young players in order to enhance their development and so that their evolution in the world of football is optimal in the future.

Barcelona and its surroundings are places with a great football tradition. For this same reason, WOSPAC has seen fit to promote the development of young players in this sport, taking advantage of the great diversity and talent that the area enjoys. With different clubs at the highest football level, Barcelona area will have a football academy where different types of training are carried out.

These will be held on Sunday afternoons for both male and female players between the ages of 6 and 16 who attend the soccer academy. Both boys and girls will have two possible slots to attend, which will take place between 4pm and 8pm on that day.

The sessions will be held at the Campo Municipal Parellada (Vinyets – MolĂ­ Vell) starting the last week of October. Due to the relevance of this training and the schedules available, there will be limited places available for those children who want to expand their technique.

Attendees will also be gifted with a WOSPAC T-shirt each month. But this will not be the only gift that those who sign up for the technical sessions will receive. The first 20 to register will receive a free video analysis in which they will be able to see their progress and show their closed ones how the sessions given at WOSPAC are carried out.

The reason for the implementation of these sessions lies in the great importance that modernization supposes for young football players. This is perfectly related to all those aspects of training that both coaches and physical trainers teach children from the first stages of training. In addition, this helps to develop a much more complete training in players, as well as their skills.

For this reason, these sessions will be entirely geared towards young players. By adapting these to specific ages and needs, with limited groups, childrens’ technique is expected to improve significantly. Through analytical work, the soccer skills of those who attend will sharpen, granting greater security when playing.

All these sessions will be directed by high level coaches with recognised experience who will share their knowledge with the children. With this type of experience, young children between 6 and 16 years old can enjoy a great relaxed atmosphere and have fun playing what they like the most. The sessions will try to be as entertaining as possible so that attendees can learn while they improve their technique and develop their knowledge about the world of soccer.

With these sessions, the academy aims to be a reference within the field of modernization in Barcelona. Those who know the great importance of technification have seen fit to carry out these particular sessions so that players have a great foundation from a young age. In addition, it is intended to promote the sport, one of the core values of the academy.

Soccer, as previously mentioned, is deeply rooted in Barcelona. Soccer in Barcelona is part of the daily life of citizens, not only because of the well known clubs, but also because of the many places where it is practiced and played. It is unthinkable to imagine a school in Barcelona that does not have a football field, whether indoors or outdoors, and for this reason the academy believes that this opportunity can be very interesting.

Those children who register will receive all kinds of help from professionals. These young players will be able to start training surrounded by great trainers who will make their experience at the soccer academy unforgettable. In addition to receiving great attention in terms of football needs, attendees will also enjoy a friendly environment so that they can have the best experience possible.

The soccer academy intends with this modernization and other projects that will be revealed in the future, to offer an essential foundation for those players who want to grow in the sport. WOSPAC intends for fun and development to go hand in hand in young people’s training. With these new sessions or so-called “Sunday’s Technification “, fun and development might be achieved.

WOSPAC also has a social media accounts under the username @WOSPAC where you can follow the latest news from the soccer academy. There you can find out more news about their activities as well as upcoming events.