The Qatar 2022 World Cup is coming up and with it 32 teams that will try to achieve glory. Undoubtedly, more than 800 footballers from countries all over the world will be fighting to be the best. Among them, Jordi Alba and David Raya, 2 of the 26 players selected by the Spanish coach Luis Enrique.David Raya

What do Jordi Alba and David Raya have in common? Different age, different position, they do not coincide with their teams in the league… What unites them is their formative stage in the Unió Esportiva Cornellà, a club with which WOSPAC works daily in the training of young athletes.

jordi alba2

As already happened with Jordi Alba and David Raya, FC Barcelona defender and

Brentford FC goalkeeper, respectively, they played at UE Cornellà before making the leap to professional and elite football.

Like many other sportsmen, the cases of Alba and Raya are not isolated, as practically every season we can see success stories of players trained in the youth academy of our trusted team, UE Cornellà.

An academy of the calibre of WOSPAC is ideal to offer confidence and professionalism to the athlete who is looking to train and reach their best level. Personalised treatment, a guarantee of exclusive service at both a sporting and academic level… all services in full.

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WOSPAC has been leading the sector of academies that train young athletes for years. Being the trusted academy of an organisation like UE Cornellà is a guarantee of success.