Nigeria 1

The good relationship between WOSPAC Academy and Nigeria continues. After a first invitation WOSPAC, with the International Director Xavi Hidalgo at the head, has returned to West Africa to witness a tournament in order to discover young talents and offer them a great training opportunity in WOSPAC.

Nigeria 3

During the visit, WOSPAC observed and inquired about the Nigerian football culture and what methodology they use in the training of young athletes.

With an already established trust, our International Director Xavi Hidalgo offered his experience to the different local academies present and was able to make several talks, both to players and coaches, which will serve so that everyone can work in the same line to enhance their football development.

After the trip to Nigeria, WOSPAC will evaluate all the notes obtained during the visit and will work so that young athletes from the country have the opportunity to develop their sporting career while continuing their studies and thus have the option to succeed in the European football scene.