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Healthcare and Injury prevention

Soccer is a contact sport and injuries can occur. To stay as safe as possible while playing, follow these tips.
– Soccer boots with cleats to prevent slipping. Soccer shoes should have molded cleats or soles with rubber grooves. They should fit your size and should be worn snugly every time you play soccer.
– Shin guards to prevent shin injuries. Shin guards should fit snugly over the shin and end just below the knee, fitting snugly around the ankle bone. Take your socks and soccer cleats with you when you buy shin guards to make sure they fit properly.

To prevent possible injuries while playing soccer, you should:
– Get a sports-medical checkup before you start playing the sport.
– Check the field every time to make sure there are no holes or other obstacles, including trash and broken glass.
– Check both goals to make sure they are secure. Goals should be securely anchored to the ground.
– Remove any piercings or jewelry before playing or training.
– Always warm up and stretch before training or starting a game.
– Learn and use proper techniques, especially heading the ball.
– Stop training if there is pain. In such a case, players should be evaluated by a coach, trainer, instructor, doctor or nurse before returning to the soccer field.
– Stay well hydrated, especially on hot, sunny days, by drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after games and training sessions.

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