Keita Baldé has just been proclaimed champion of the Africa Cup. The player who was born in Arbúcies, Girona, is son of Senegalese parents and has been part of the African team, which for the first time in history, has managed to win the continental tournament.

Baldé has shared the front line with different players such us Sadio Mané in Liverpool’s team, and now he beat Egypt in the final! a team with one of the best players in the world, Mohamed Salah.

Keita Baldé was part of UE Cornellà, a club that collaborates actively with WOSPAC, the international sports academy with the most innovative program to help athletes in its sport careers. Keita had a very good experience in this Club and also was a pleasure for WOSPAC being part of his development.

After his time at FC Barcelona, Keita joined Cornellà in the 2010-2011 season where he scored 47 goals and what aroused the interest of Manchester United and Real Madrid, although he finally signed for Lazio.

At only 26 years of age, Baldé has accumulated enormous international experience playing in the Italian Calcio and French Ligue 1, signing for top teams such as Monaco, Inter Milan, Sampdoria and Cagliari, the team he currently plays for.

Keita Balde WOSPAC


In addition to an outstanding sport career, the values that Keita Baldé has adopted in his formative years have led him to stand out for his solidarity. A good example of this is that Baldé was in charge of renting a property in Lleida to provide shelter for 200 seasonal workers (during vegetable harvesting season, etc.) who had no accommodation. He himself was in charge also of sending them money, food and clothes. We therefore highlight his skills as a footballer but also his humanity.

“If a soccer player like me can help 200 people in difficulties, imagine what would happen if just a few ”star players” could help… ” he said.


Keita Baldé and Alex Bosacoma



Dear KEITA! We congratulate you for this success and for all those that are yet to come! See you again in Barcelona!