Kenni Thompson

Kenni Louise Tohmasia Thompson, December the 1st, 2000, Bermuda, United Kingdom. The first steps of WOSPAC were also the first steps of Kenny Thompson’s career in Barcelona.

We still remember the conversations with her father, midfielder and coach Kenny Thompson, wishing that the stay of his daughter and 3 other Bermuda teammates would be as complete, safe and enriching for all of them. He wanted them to have the best soccer training that would bear the best fruits and launch their careers. That was more than 10 years ago.


Kenny Thompson’s daughter had always wanted to come to Barcelona to have the opportunity to develop her soccer career like the great soccer players and become a professional soccer player.

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Kenny Thompson, an attacker and left back, lived with other athletes for 3 years at the WOSPAC academy as part of the annual WOSPAC Stages program, which allowed him to train in the youth teams of UECornellĂ , Catalann Selection, FC Barcelona and Sant Gabriel before joining the Chelsea youth academy, where he played for two seasons before joining RCDEspanyol.

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“Playing in a professional environment is something I’ve dreamed of for a long time and I’m very excited about this opportunity thanks to WOSPAC.”

As for the language barrier, Thompson said, “It was a challenge, but once I mastered the language it was much easier for me.”

“I love the culture of Spain and the people there are very nice.”

Kenni Thompson is currently enjoying her time with FA Women’s Championship side London City Lionesses, which will help her fulfill her international ambitions, as well as encouraging future players.

We also wish you every success in women’s soccer. Cases like yours are a clear example of effort and dedication that together with your qualities and skills ensure a long and wonderful soccer career.

Kenni Thompson

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