What does it mean to be mentally strong in sports?

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1. Be competitive. Most of the great achievers in sport are the most competitive people. They have a passion to compete, they have drive, strength and a healthy ambition. They like to win.

2. Maximum concentration and attention.¬†This is achieved when the mind is fully aware of the the competition. Losing concentration can be due to many reasons. That the game is not flowing not flowing, having discomfort, making mistakes, not playing as you had anticipated… A competition involves many variables. In a competition there are many variables involved. The athlete who maintains concentration is able to stay engaged despite the difficulty.

3. Manage failure. If you get nervous when you make a mistake and start to doubt yourself, it is normal to lose confidence and security. This emotional state will lead you to make more mistakes and to focus on what you are doing wrong.

4. Capacity for suffering. Whether you are a popular or elite athlete, suffering has to have a meaning. Either it helps you to compete, or to beat your record or achieve a goal. Any elite athlete suffers. Either with the hardness of training, or while recovering from an injury, or while waiting to recovery from an injury, or while waiting for a chance to be in the limelight. The suffering can be both physical and mental. While suffering, you hold out hope that the pain, the time you wait, or the hardness of your training, will lead to success.

5. Self-confidence. Giving your best version is only possible when you trust that you have it. And for that you have to be focused more on your strengths than on what you fail at.

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