One of the causes of discouragement when you start exercising is that you do not see results, no matter how many hours you spend running or in the gym. It’s not just about that the body gets used to a certain routine, but that it does not even respond in a first moment.

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According to previous research, the same exercise can affect people different from very differently, without age or sex being determining factors. It is not known the exact cause, but it would probably be genetic factors that would determine this lack of response to physical exercise of the so-called “non-responders”.

Until now, most studies confirmed the disparate results obtained with different routines, but a paper recently published in a scientific journal and conducted by researchers has looked at whether a person could achieve results different by changing activities or whether this lack of response was universal. The 21 participants underwent three weeks of resistance training and another three of high-intensity interval training, with a few months off between a period and another.

According to the newspaper, on average everyone improved their physical form, but the individual responses were very different: a third did not improve after training resistance and another third did not improve with interval training. But the remarkable thing is that they all improved their fitness thanks to at least one of the two training.

In other words, we should not despair if we do not see results after several weeks of exercising. What we have to do is change training until we find the one that is most suitable for us. WOSPAC and the best professional will help you to find the best way to get out of yourself.WhatsApp Image 2020 10 21 at 17.16.20 460x2951 1