Valencia vs WOSPAC 2022

The player who headers requires three basic skills: anticipation, elasticity and precision.

1. The first gesture must be a visual anticipation to coordinate the entire movement.

2. Elasticity at the moment of the jump is fundamental to make contact with the ball, which provides a trajectory and speed that must be used to redirect the ball to the goal or to a specific space on the field of play.

3. Accuracy in observing the trajectory of the ball and directing it to the right place.

The header requires a good coordination of the movements that begin in the legs and end in the neck. It is one of the most difficult actions in soccer and must be preceded by a previous unmarking movement.

Some tips are:

– Striking the ball with your forehead. Many players are used to finishing with the side or even with the back, but the precision and power of the shot will be given by the front of the head.

– You have to be 100% focused, alert and with your eyes wide open.

– Try to hit the ball in the center of the ball.

– Land with both legs, controlling the power of the jump.

– Take advantage of the extra energy in the jump given by the bending of arms and legs.

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