Valencia vs WOSPAC 2022

The oriented control in soccer is performed when receiving the ball and with a single touch, it is received and taken to a free area, to leave it in readiness and to be able to chain another action. Making a good oriented control is an essential technical action for any soccer player, which should be worked on at a very early age to avoid acquiring inappropriate gestures and erroneous techniques.

Do you know the advantages of a good oriented control?

  • It increases the speed of the offensive game and its fluidity, so that spaces will be generated in our attack.
  • It allows, in the defensive interception, the defenders to overcome lines easily, generating a fast organized attack.
  • It allows the team to keep possession of the ball and move the ball effectively, at the same time that the opponent is worn out physically and mentally.
  • A good oriented control will allow to get rid of the opposing player, and a striker to make a shot in a small space and surrounded by defenders.

However, we can also find disadvantages in a bad oriented control:

  • The need for two or more technical actions to have good ball handling and orientation detracts from the fluidity of the game.
  • It makes it easier for the rival pressure line to gain space and therefore take it away from the ball holder.
  • Not knowing how to orientate a control correctly can allow the rival to anticipate our moves or actions with the ball.

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