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What exactly is the best style and what does science say about what a player should do to take the perfect penalty kick? Well, assuming there is no such thing as the perfect penalty kick, there are a few things a player can do to get closer to the perfect kick.

Some factors to take into account:

Where to aim and how hard to hit the ball?
The first thing is to adopt a certain technique. The most important aspect of a penalty kick is accuracy. The best place to hit the ball is still the bottom corner. Trying to hit to the side with height is a poor choice because if you hit too high you miss, and if you hit too far to the side, you also miss.

The type of stroke
A long stroke only helps to increase the likelihood of hitting the ball wrong. This is because the stroke prevents you from hitting accurately. Instead, the best technique is to take two or three steps back and hit the ball with little run. The accuracy of the ball increases and the player has no time to be distracted.

Where to look?
The first alternative is to look at the desired target and not pay attention to the goalkeeper. However, this will give smarter goalkeepers an idea of where you intend to shoot. Some players try to fool the goalkeeper by looking to the opposite side, but this can be counterproductive as you are focusing more on fooling the goalkeeper than ensuring accuracy and power. The second alternative is to look at the ball during the run rather than at the target area, which makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to predict your direction.

Waiting for the goalkeeper to move
The third alternative to what we saw in the previous paragraph is to wait until the goalkeeper moves before choosing the shooting spot. We can observe his hip and knee movements just before he shoots. When his knees bend in one direction, it may indicate a fall toward that direction. In fact, an analysis of hundreds of professional soccer games has determined that most goalkeepers shoot too early on penalty kicks. And that’s something to take advantage of.

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These would be the four factors that would bring us closer to taking the perfect penalty kick.

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