WOSPAC Training Sessions on the Beach.

Here just some examples of exercises you can practice! Enjoy!

1. Running in the water
An ideal exercise, since the resistance of the waves will help you strengthen your legs and abdominals. Of course, do it in a quiet area, and if you can, run with a crab to avoid stepping on a rock or fish hidden on the seabed.

2. Heel to buttock and knee to chest in the water.
While you’re in the water, try this exercise. It’s a typical warm-up exercise, but when done in the water, it becomes a challenge on a whole new level. We recommend that you do 30 to 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and then do it again, until you complete five sets.

3. Squats
Do them without weight. Put both feet together, and do the exercise sitting in the air. Now lower and load the weight on the heel area. You can do them in the classic style, that is to say, without moving from the place, or combine them with jumps forward. Do sets of 30 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest between each one, for a total of 5 sets.

4. Plank with knees to chest
Another classic exercise. Get into a plank position and bring your leg up to your elbow, alternating each leg. Do 4 sets of 10 reps, 5 per leg.

5. Hypopressive crunches
Lie face up on your towel, bend your legs, place your feet on the floor, and contract your abdominal area, taking care not to lift your lower back or neck.

6. Burpees
With this exercise you will work the whole body, using your own weight. It’s very simple: you just have to bend down, put your hands on the sand with the same width as your shoulders, and your feet between your hands. Now you have to push your feet backwards until your body is in a plank. If you feel you have enough, you can jump on the way up or do a push-up on the way down. 4 sets of 10 repetitions.

7. Knee raises
Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Fix your body weight on one leg and raise and lower the opposite knee as high as you can. Do 4 sets of 15-20 lifts with each leg.

8. Jumping Jacks
Another exercise we’ve all done at some point in our lives. It’s great for the back, glutes and legs. It’s as simple as jumping up and down with your legs and arms apart at the same time. Do this exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 20, and complete a total of 5 sets.

9. Buttocks
you can improve your glutes by doing some exercises on the beach during your vacation. For example, we suggest one where you get on all fours, place your arms flat on the ground in line with your shoulders, and then immediately put one leg at a 90-degree angle, raising it without changing your overall body position at any time.

10. Push-ups
The push-ups of a lifetime to tone the pectoral area. Remember, always keep your back straight and elbows out. Do 10 push-ups in 4 sets.

These are just 10 options. There are many more, and the beach invites you to exercise in an environment with clean air, without crowds or crowds. All you have to do is put your heart into it and set a goal. Spring is already here! Drink water!!!! Hidratation it is essential too :)

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